HotS – Hilangkan Haunted Mines, Hadirkan Tower of Doom


HotS - Hilangkan Haunted Mines, Hadirkan Tower of Doom

Bosan dengan battleground di Heroes of the Storm? Jangan khawatir, karena Blizzard telah menghadirkan battleground baru bernama Tower of Doom.

Dengan keluarnya Haunted Mines dari map rotation, map baru yang bernama Tower of Doom, ditambahkan kedalam Nexus dengan menghadirkan makanisme baru. Berikut ini adalah gameplay tips atau basic info mengenai Tower of Doom yang telah di share oleh para pemain HotS:

Tower of Doom

  • Your core has 40 HP. Each team has a multiplier, shown on the bottom right of the screen. This multiplier shows the number of keeps you control plus one (your core). When you take an enemy keep you increase your multiplier by one and decrease your enemy’s multiplier by one. If you capture an altar, you deal X damage to the enemy core where X is your current multiplier.
  • That means controlling more keeps lets you do more damage per altar. Consequently, you’ll do less damage if you control fewer forts. Map and building control is incredibly important on this map.
  • Controlling all 6 keeps causes your core to shoot directly at the enemy core, putting your opponents on the clock to retake any keep. Your core deals 1 damage roughly every 3.75 seconds, destroying a full-health core in 2:30.
  • The objective does not yield any experience on its own. Giving up an altar to soak more experience can be a worthwhile trade.
  • Pushing mercenaries all the way to the barrier protecting the enemy core leads to direct core damage (1 point per merc). In order for this to happen, you need to take out the keep before the mercs arrive, otherwise they will run into it and explode.
  • Capturing the boss (The Headless Horseman) results in 4 damage to the opposing core instead of a lane-push. You should not attempt to do this alone or with a small group. Your entire team is probably required to take him down because he hits extremely hard.
  • Every time you destroy a keep, you gain experience. This is nothing new but since keeps respawn on this map, it becomes a whole new dynamic.
  • Keeps refill their health bar after respawning and cannot attack or be attacked during that time. Don’t just stand around and wait.
  • Destroying a keep also destroys all 3 surrounding towers, the well, the gate and both walls.
  • Keeps spawn with a full health and ammo bar. The tower next to the keep and a healing well also spawn but the gate, gate towers and walls will not respawn.
  • At the 12 minute mark, a one-way tunnel will be opened, which you can use at your base to quickly get to the middle of the battleground. Don’t use it unless you know it’s safe. Beware especially of Abathur mines and ambushes.

Tower of Doom

Battleground terbaru dari HotS ini akan diexpose pada tanggal 24 November – 1 Desember, selama waktu tersebut beberapa map akan dibatasi pada mode Quick Match, Ranked dan Versus AI . Selanjutnya restriction tersebut akan dihilangkan pada minggu depan. Map yang terkena dampak dari restrictions adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Towers of Doom
  • Battlefield of Eternity
  • Sky Temple
  • Tomb of the Spider Queen
  • Dragon Shire
  • Cursed Hollow

Tidak lupa juga pada tanggal 26-27 November nanti, Dreamhack Winter Finals akan disiarkan di Twitch dan kalian yang menonton melalui Twitch account yang di link kedalam Battle.netakan mendapatkan Cho’Gall, Nexus’s first cooperative Hero.


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