Overwatch – Blizzard Vs Matchmaking


Overwatch - Blizzard Vs Matchmaking

Blizzard saat ini sedang bereksperimen dengan matchmaking team-based shooter terbarunya Overwatch.

Hal ini terlihat dari seringnya mereka update matchmaking pada game tersebut, berikut Hero balancing dan juga bug fix. Overwatch Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, juga membawa diskusi ke youtube perihal perubahan dan kemajuan dari beta-nya saat ini.

“A lot of the changes made by the patches are under the hood,” kata Kaplan menjelaskan. “I sort of want to apologize in advance, because there might be moments where you get some imbalanced matches. There might be moments where you have to wait a little bit longer for matches,”. “We actually think it’ll be the opposite, that you’ll get matches quicker, but they probably, might not seem as fair, because we’re doing a lot of experimentation.”

Saat ini Overwatch sedang dalam masa stress test dan kemungkinan akan siap diluncurkan pada musim semi 2016 mendatang.

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