Marvel Heroes Versi 2016 Akan Hadirkan Story Baru Secret Invasion


Gazillion Entertainment telah mengungkapkan tahap selanjutnya untuk Marvel Heroes 2016dengan menghadirkan konten baru pada Desember tahun ini.

Update tersebut nantinya akan membawa new story, controller support dan masih banyak lagi dan kalian dapat melihatnya dibawah ini.

  • “Secret Invasion” Story Chapter: Battle alien Skrulls of all shapes and sizes, including the Super-Skrull himself, Kl’rt, who makes his long-awaited, much requested Marvel Heroes debut.
  • Controller Support: One of the community’s most requested features.
  • Visual Updates: Revamped looks for characters introduced during Marvel Heroes’ 2013 launch window.
  • Leaderboards: Something new and interesting to do every night. Tournaments and Seasons will grow out of this eventually.
  • Steam Achievements: Players loved the new in-game achievements added to Marvel Heroes 2015 – now, the feature extends to Steam with nearly 100 of them..
  • Mac Out of Beta: The Mac version has been in beta for over a year now. Not anymore.
  • “All-New All-Different” Material: Keeping things current with what is happening in the greater Marvel landscape to a greater degree than ever, such as the current “All-New All-Different” comics, while still also continuing to honor over 75 years of comic history.

Visual Update

Sedangkan untuk update bulan ini yang akan mengikuti update bulan Desember nanti akan ada :

  • Savage Land Patrol Zone: A never-ending gauntlet of dinosaurs, sadistic mutates and more!
  • Thanos Raid: The Mad Titan makes his Marvel Heroes debut.

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